Michelle Gosselin Wright
Counseling & Psychotherapy

 · Gordon-Conwell
   Theological Seminary
   (S. Hamilton, MA)
   MA in Counseling
   with concentrations in
   + Marriage & Family Therapy
   + Mental Health Counseling

 · Dartmouth College
   (Hanover, NH)
   AB in Psychology
   and Computer Science


People come to me wanting help with change -- change in their personal life or change in their romantic relationship / marriage or change in their family. I work together with my clients to help them discover their unique talents, skills, approaches, and perspectives. Change occurs in the context of the therapy relationship as clients discover, embrace and develop their strengths while I act as encourager, mentor, challenger, and teacher.

My style of work is extremely relational, very involved, and often direct. I am committed to finding and encouraging each person's unique strengths while adapting my style to their personality and temperament. Sometimes laughter is key in my work, sometimes tears, while self-acceptance with compassion is often encouraged.

I am passionate about helping strengthen marriages / committed relationships; equipping parents with effective skills; encouraging men, women, and adolescents in identity development; supporting those faced with infertility, bereavement, loss, or trauma; and partnering with those wounded in Christian faith-based environments such as homes, churches, schools, colleges, and the work place.

 · Self Esteem
 · Relationship Issues
 · Integrating Christianity with Therapy
Issues and Disorders
 · Anxiety or Fears · Coping Skills
 · Career Counseling · Depression
 · Chronic Impulsivity · Divorce
 · Dissociative Disorders · Family Conflict
 · Domestic Abuse · Infertility
 · Mood Disorders · Life Coaching
 · Peer Relationships · Loss or Grief
 · Spiritual Abuse · Parenting
 · Stress · Sexual Abuse
 · Trauma and PTSD  
Treatment Modality
 · Individual · Group
Treatment Orientation
 · Coaching
 · Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
 · Family Systems Therapy
 · Interpersonal
 · Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy
 · Premarital Counseling
 · Psychotherapy
 · Relational Therapy